Salvation Army – One Stop Affiliate Site -Mesquite

Primary Focus

The Salvation Army helps adults and dislocated workers and youth move from crisis to sustainability through training, and employment services, while assisting employers find competent workers.


The Salvation Army provides individuals with training and employment services.  Programs are designed to assist the participants to overcome barriers to employment and increase their self esteem so that they may become more productive.  We serve youth and adults.  We work to match their skills with the needs of the employers looking to fill jobs with qualified workers.

List of Services Provided

Career assessment, educational assessment
Programs for in-school and out of school youth,
Training Programs,
Job placement, coaching
Resume Preparation and job search assistance.
Employer access to pre-screened, qualified candidates
Assistance with Housing, work cards, day care and other supportive services.

Who This is For

Adults and Dislocated workers who are unemployed, underemployed and those who would benefit from workforce re-entry services.  This program is also for in-school youth ages 14-21 and out of school youth ages 16-24.