Sub Recipient Forms and Tools


ADW – Initial Assessment  Updated 7/27/15

Adult Income Worksheet Updated 7/13/17

Dislocated Worker Affidavit (Formerly known as Unlikely to Return Form) Updated 8/1/17

Equal Opportunity is the Law Form Updated 9/8/16

Notice of Rights Form Updated 9/9/16

Grievance Complaint Form Updated 9/8/16

Nepotism Form Updated 9/8/16

Selective Service Exemption Form  Updated 9/8/16

Release of Information Form Updated 8/2/16

Youth Telephone Verification Form Updated 10/4/16

Youth Medical Consent Form Updated 10/4/16

Client Transfer Request Form Updated 4/6/16

Supportive Service LOG Updated 8/1/13

Request for Supportive Service  Updated 7/15/15

Receipt of Supportive Service Updated 8/10/15

Youth Support Service Log Updated 10/3/16

Youth Incentive Log Updated 10/4/16

Workkeys Voucher  Updated 9/28/17 – Effective 10/1/17

Occupational Skills Training Acknowledgement Updated 6/26/17

Individual Training Authorization   Updated 6/30/17

On the Job Training Acknowledgement Update 6/26/17

On the Job Training Obligation Updated 6/26/17

OJT Pre Award Assessment Updated 6/26/17 – Required 7/1/17

OJT Master Contract Updated 7/11/16

OJT Skill Gap Analysis Updated 6/26/17 – Required 7/1/17

OJT Training Plan Updated 7/11/16

OJT Final Evaluation Updated 7/11/16

Work-Based Learning Training Plan Updated 7/13/17

Work-Based Learning Progress Report Updated 8/21/17

Work-Based Learning Time Sheet (Optional) Updated 7/13/17

Work-Based Learning Agreement Updated 8/21/17


Link to DOL Training and Employment Guidance Letters (TEGLs) HERE

Link to Nevada State Compliance Policies (SCP) HERE

Link to Workforce Connections Technical Assistance Guides (TAGs) HERE

TEGL 10-16 Change 1 Performance Accountability Guidance

ADW File Chart Effective 10/9/17

Youth File Chart Effective 10/9/17

EmployNV ADW Service Desk Guide Effective 10/9/17

EmployNV Youth Service Desk Guide Effective 10/9/17

EmployNV Title 1 Enrollment Flow Desk Reference Distributed 10/5/17

WIOA Performance Training 9/25-9/29/17 Training

Veteran Priority of Services and SBE Presentation 10/12-10/14/16 Training

Veteran Priority of Service Poster Sample

Veteran POS Screening Form Sample 10/12-10/14/16 Training

ADW Train the Trainer Presentation 8/31/16 Training

OJT Checklist for Employers Effective 7/1/16

OJT Flowchart Effective 7/1/16

Dislocated Worker (DW) TRAINING PowerPoint 8/17/15 and 8/18/15 Training

Lower Living Standard Income Level Updated 6/06/17

OJT Timesheet Template

OJT Invoice Template


Monitoring Tools

PY16 Monitoring Individual Record Tool Youth

PY16 Monitoring Program Tool Youth

PY16 ADW Individual Record Monitoring Tool

PY16 ADW Program Monitoring Tool

PY16 STEM Monitoring Tool

PY16 OSCC Monitoring Tool

PY16 Fiscal Monitoring Tool


You can find OSOS access forms and User guide by clicking HERE

You can find Workforce Connections Policies by clicking HERE