Nevada Partners, Inc.

Primary Focus

Nevada Partners aims to build a community network that supports all local youth in making healthy choices; succeeding in school; reconnecting to education and work, if they are at risk or out of school; and building education and career paths that lead to lifelong success.


Nevada Partners youth program helps motivate and support youth to achieve their maximum potential through a holistic programmatic approach.  The program assists youth to build a strong educational foundation ensuring youth are on track to graduation as well proficient in math, reading, writing and science.  While building on the foundation of education, youth begin their journey in leadership development and civic engagement activities.  Youth are taught to give back to their communities and make their communities stronger.  Finally, youth explore career options through work readiness training and career exposure activities to help tool them for their future.  Nevada Partners youth program helps to empower youth in becoming responsible and productive members of their community.

List of Services Provided

• Intensive Case Management
• Dropout Prevention Programming
• Leadership and Character Development Training
• Life Skills Training
• Counseling and Mentoring
• Traditional and Non-Traditional Educational/Academic Support and Tutoring
• College and Career Planning
• Health and Wellness Programming
• Work Experiences, Internships, Occupational Skills Training and Career Exploration
• Substance Abuse Prevention Programming
• Supportive and Wraparound Services

Who This is For

High School Seniors