NyE Communities Coalition

Primary Focus

NyECC+Career Connections is focused on assisting unemployed and underemployed adults become economically self-sufficient through training and job placement while helping employers find competent and qualified workers. In addition, NyECC provides these services in a one stop setting providing access to partner services and programs, which improves the long-term employment outcomes for individuals receiving assistance.


NyECC+Career Connections helps individuals manage their career by accessing training and finding jobs that will allow for self-sufficiency. A variety of services geared specifically for each client is provided to eligible participants such as career counseling, industry training and job placement, as well as courses in employability, financial literacy, job readiness, application processes, interview skills and resume writing. NyE Communities Coalition also helps employers find competent and qualified workers through on-the-job training opportunities where participants gain the skills necessary for productive job performance while being paid for working.

List of Services Provided

• Work readiness, resume writing, dress for success education
• On-the-job training increasing employability
• Assistance in accessing training that will lead to a career
• Resource Room for job search, resume refinement, filing unemployment and job postings
• Tutoring, proficiency exam support and instruction on attaining a high school diploma or GED
• College and career planning for viable post-secondary success
• On site access to services and programs in the community
• Supportive Services to remove barriers that limit obtaining or keeping a job
• Employer Assistance with identification, screening and skills assessment
• Basic Computer skills training

Who This is For

NyECC + Career Connections serves adults that are unemployed, underemployed and recently displaced workers; in addition to those that can benefit from workforce re-entry services.