Sub Recipient Forms and Tools


B2W Referral Form Updated 4/28/2022

WIOA ADW Initial Assessment Updated 8/10/2021

Basic Skills Screening Tool  Updated 8/10/2021

UI Waiver Form Updated 3/21/2022

Release of Information Form – EEO Form Updated 11/22/2021

Request-Receipt of Supportive Service Form Updated 5/6/2020

Income Worksheet Updated 10/16/2019

Selective Service Exemption Form Updated 8/21/19

Nepotism Form Updated 8/10/21

Incident Report Updated 5/14/19

DW-Affidavit  Updated 11/3/2021

Notice of Rights Form Updated 9/9/16

Youth Telephone Verification Form Updated 10/4/16

Youth Medical Consent Form Updated 10/4/16

Client Transfer Request Form Updated 4/6/16

Supportive Service Log Updated 8/3/2021

Youth Support Service Log Updated 10/3/16

Youth Incentive Log Updated 10/4/16

Occupational Skills Training Acknowledgement Updated 7/10/19

Individual Training Authorization Updated 7/10/19

On the Job Training Acknowledgement Updated 7/10/19

On the Job Training Obligation Updated 7/10/19

OJT Pre Award Assessment Updated 6/26/17 – Required 7/1/17

OJT Master Contract Updated 7/11/16

OJT Skill Gap Analysis Updated 6/26/17 – Required 7/1/17

OJT Training Plan Updated 7/11/16

OJT Final Evaluation Updated 7/11/16

Work-Based Learning Training Plan Updated 7/13/17

Work-Based Learning Progress Report Updated 8/21/17

Work-Based Learning Time Sheet (Optional) Updated 7/13/17

Work-Based Learning Agreement Updated 8/20/19


Link to DOL Training and Employment Guidance Letters (TEGLs) HERE

Link to Nevada State Compliance Policies (SCP) HERE

Link to Workforce Connections Technical Assistance Guides (TAGs) HERE

High School Equivalency: Resource Guide for the Workforce System U.S. Department of Labor

College and Career Readiness: Resource Guide for the Workforce System U.S. Department of Labor

WIOA SARA EmployNV Training Presentation Distributed 3/21/19

Nevada Business and Industry Business Start up Guide  Interactive Guide Updated 1/12/18

Monitoring Corrective Action Training Presentation 3/22/18 Training

TEGL 10-16 Change 1 Performance Accountability Guidance

ADW File Chart Effective 10/9/17

Youth File Chart Effective 10/9/17

EmployNV ADW Service Desk Guide Effective 10/9/17

EmployNV Youth Service Desk Guide Effective 10/9/17

EmployNV Title 1 Enrollment Flow Desk Reference Distributed 10/5/17

WIOA Performance Training 9/25-9/29/17 Training

Veteran Priority of Services and SBE Presentation 10/12-10/14/16 Training

Veteran Priority of Service Poster Sample

Veteran POS Screening Form Sample 10/12-10/14/16 Training

ADW Train the Trainer Presentation 8/31/16 Training

Dislocated Worker (DW) TRAINING PowerPoint 8/17/15 and 8/18/15 Training

WIOA Section 188 Disability Reference Guide

2022 LLSIL and Poverty Guidance Memo Distributed 6/3/2022

OJT Checklist for Employers Effective 7/1/16

OJT Flowchart Effective 7/1/16

OJT Timesheet Template

OJT Invoice Template

Copy of EmployNV Document Labels in Alpha Order Distributed 1/22/21

Training Videos

EmployNV Document Uploading Webinar

Monitoring Tools

Adult and Dislocated Worker Participant Monitoring Tool Updated 12/3/2021

Adult and Dislocated Worker Program Monitoring Tool Updated 11/25/19

Youth Program Monitoring Tool Updated 11/25/19

Youth Participant Monitoring Tool Updated 11/22/2021



You can find Workforce Connections Policies by clicking HERE