STEM Career Exploration Workshops

These fun and interactive “hands-on” sessions offer you an opportunity to explore skill-sets, occupations and careers in Nevada’s Key Industry Sectors. If you are interested in attending a STEM Career Exploration Workshop contact the One-Stop Career Center or one of the Affiliate Sites.


Electricity, It’s A Snap: This workshop provides basic exposure to how electricity works. Electricity makes possible everything around us that we take for granted today, both at work and at home. The workshop utilizes SNAP Circuits to expose participants to basic electrical circuitry like simple, series and parallel circuits. By adding transistors, resistors and capacitors participants develop more complex circuitry like a working FM band radio. As the workshop progresses participants assemble and operate a remote-operated rover vehicle.


SNAP Rover


Electronics Demystified: This workshop provides basic exposure to how electronic components are integrated into complex assemblies. These electronic assemblies enable the technologies we interact with in our everyday lives, both at work and at home. Using modules by littleBits (featured at TED) , participants explore rapid prototyping of everyday items used in our personal and professional lives. As the workshop progresses, participants develop more complex electronic assemblies. The workshop concludes with a “participant-challenge”.

STEM Workshops Little Bits

STEM littlebits

Clean Energy: This workshop provides basic exposure to the exciting world of clean energy technologies and how they impact today’s careers/occupations/industries. Participants are exposed to solar energy, wind energy and energy efficiency principles by interacting with photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and lighting technologies by Progressive Educational Systems. Participants also interact with electrical inverters and utilize industry-standard meters to measure the renewable energy being produced.

STEM Workshop Clean Energy

STEM solar


Energy Efficient Buildings: This workshop provides basic exposure to the world of energy efficient buildings. The design, construction and operation of these “green” buildings has impacted the skill-sets needed for many careers/occupations/industries. Participants explore energy efficiency principles by interacting with industry-standard equipment from The Energy Conservatory. Participants are exposed to the world of building performance, utilizing the latest technologies, such as digital flue gas analyzers, infrared cameras and building performance simulators.

STEM Energy

STEM Energy 2


Robots In The Workplace: This workshop uses LEGO Robotics to provide basic exposure to how robots have entered the workplace and reveal how they are able to perform their job assignments so precisely every time.  Participants have the opportunity to interact with pre-constructed, industry-representative robots that accomplish some of the tasks that humans can’t do, are unwilling to do, or can’t do as efficiently. Participants are exposed to MINDSTORMS EV3 software and and perform simple programming and coding in order to make the robots operate . This EV3 software is based on LabVIEW, an industry-standard programming software used widely in the manufacturing, food processing, logistics and aerospace industries.

STEM Workshops Programming

STEM Workshops Robots

STEM Workshops EV3


Programming And Coding: This workshop reveals just how easy it really is to write your own program or code. It begins with exposure to the worldwide movement: Hour of Code. To start, using easy to learn object-based programming, participants move angry birds and zombies through mazes. As the workshop progresses, participants are exposed to line coding through Play Code Monkey. Participants write lines of code that help the character monkeys perform tasks on the computer screen.

STEM WOrkshop Hour of Code

STEM Workshop Hour of Code 2


The 3-D Printing Revolution: This workshop introduces participants to the revolutionary 3-D printing process and sheds light on the tremendous impact it is having on multiple industry sectors. First, participants are introduced to the Stratasys uPrint SE Plus 3-D printer and some of the fascinating ways it is used today. Then, participants are exposed to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, used to design, build and print 3D objects. Participants have the opportunity to watch an object “print” in three dimensions before their very eyes.

STEM 3D Printing

STEM Workshop 3D


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: This workshop will explore the rapidly developing world of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as Drones. The use of UAVs/Drones is rapidly evolving occupations/careers in Cinematography, Photography, Agriculture, Surveying, Surveillance, Defense, Forestry Management, etc.

STEM Workshops Drone-Revolution-2




The Automotive World: Using fun applied-physics and math activities, this workshop will expose participants to common and innovative Automotive Technologies and Principles like: Performance Suspension Tuning, Traction Improvements, Power Platforms including Electrical, Hydrogen, Hybrids, and more.

STEM Ten 80


Virtual Design and Manufacturing: Participants will explore the latest virtual design techniques and tools. They will have the opportunity to experience the process of rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. These new technologies allow industries to bring better products to market in record times.

STEM Workshops Virtual Design