Business Services

Identifying the Right Candidates for You

• Access to candidates who have already completed job skills trainings or otherwise match up with the skills you are looking for
• Assistance in posting your job openings
• Pre-screening interviews of potential candidates before they are referred to you

Items We Provide to Your Candidates

• Health, Alcohol Awareness Training, and other work cards
• Tools, uniforms and other items required for the position
• Transportation assistance when needed


On-the-Job Training (OJT)

• Training expense reimbursement program. In exchange for the employer training the candidate, employer is reimbursed an amount equivalent to at least 50% of the candidate’s wages during the training period. See more details on FAQ.
• After the OJT activity has been completed, the employer hires the candidate into a permanent, full-time job (minimum 32 hours per week).

Occupational Skills Training

• Classroom training aimed at providing candidates with industry-recognized certifications and credentials

Customized Training

• Training that is created for multiple employees or potential new hires to complete at the same time
• Usually involves a 3rd party training provider
• Minimum 50% employer match required

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