Business Engagement Panel

photogo-leapWorkforce Connections’ Business Engagement Panel  is comprised of key employers who are members of the Business Engagement Compact.  Panel members have decision-making and hiring authority in local businesses. They deliver “real time” and locally relevant workforce intelligence. The information is used to improve service delivery within the One-Stop Delivery System (OSDS) and to align training resources through management of the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL).

The hub of our OSDS is our Comprehensive One-Stop Career Center (OSCC). At the OSCC under one roof, various system partners connect employers and jobseekers through comprehensive employment and training services. Some of the benefits local employers can receive are:

  • Demand-driven training and employment services for job seekers.
  • Employer-driven training programs, certifications, and skill sets.
  • Meaningful labor market information for planning business expansion, relocation, future hiring, and training needs.
  • Industry specific recruitment for new businesses or facilities needing a large number of specialized workers in a hurry.
  • Coordinated workforce preparation services in partnership with local employment and training agencies.
  • Appropriately equipped facilities and scheduling services to screen and interview applicants.
  • Resume searches to match employer job openings.
  • Assistance with employer-driven hiring events.
  • Fidelity bonding for employees

Services from Workforce Connections’ One-Stop Delivery System benefit local employers. Workforce Connections’ One-Stop Delivery System is your source for help with hiring, training and retaining a strong workforce. We can help you find qualified candidates, build an effective hiring process, explore local training options and connect you to funding resources.

Our Business Engagement Specialist Team (BEST) works directly with employers to meet their needs with customized services. The team is based at our comprehensive One-Stop Career Center. To connect with a member of the Business Engagement Specialist Team, call (702 636-4380 or email our Celia Rouse, Project Administrator at

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