General Policies old

Admin-010-01 WIOA Administrative Standards010 ADM
Admin-010-02 Sanctions and Resolutions for Noncompliance 010 ADM
Admin-010-03 Compliance Assurance Reviews010 ADM
Admin-010-04 Record Retention010 ADM
Admin-010-05 Award Recognition Program010 ADM
Admin-010-06 Procurement - Acquisition 010 ADM
Admin-010-07 Sub-award Closeout 010 ADM
Admin-010-08 Procurement Protest Standards010 ADM
Admin-010-09 Audit Process 010 ADM
Admin-010-10 Record Inspection010 ADM
Admin-010-11 Affiliate One-Stop Centers010 ADM
Admin-010-12 One-Stop Centers Certification010 ADM
Admin-010-13 Internships Programs 010 ADM
Affiliate One-Stop Center - Designation Application010 ADM
One-Stop Centers (OSCs) Self-Assessment Tool [Certification Process]010 ADM
FIS-020-01 Allowable Costs020 FISCAL
FIS-020-02 Cost Classification020 FISCAL
FIS-020-03 Direct Cost Distribution020 FISCAL
FIS-020-04 Financial Reporting020 FISCAL
FIS-020-05 Sub-recipient Financial Invoicing020 FISCAL
FIS-020-06 Indirect Cost Rate020 FISCAL
FIS-020-07 Cash Management020 FISCAL
FIS-020-08 Property Management020 FISCAL
FIS-020-09 Program Income020 FISCAL
FIS-020-10 Budget Modification020 FISCAL
FIS-020-11 Travel and Related Expenditures020 FISCAL
ADW-030-01 Eligibility for WIOA Title I Services030 ADW
ADW-030-02 WIOA Title I Services030 ADW
ADW-030-03 Assessment & Individual Employment Plan (IEP)030 ADW
ADW-030-05 Work-Based Training030 ADW
ADW-030-06 Supportive Services030 ADW
YTH-040-01 Eligibility for WIOA Title I Services040 YOUTH
YTH-040-02 Youth Program Design040 YOUTH
YTH-040-03 Assessment/Individual Service Strategy040 YOUTH
YTH-040-04 Supportive Services040 YOUTH
YTH-040-05 Incentive Payments040 YOUTH
YTH-040-06 Work Experience (WEX) & Internships040 YOUTH
GEN-050-01 Equal Opportunity Standards and Complaint Processing 050 GENERAL
GEN-050-02 Incident Reporting050 GENERAL
GEN-050-03 Credential-Certificate050 GENERAL
GEN-050-04 Change of Service Provider050 GENERAL
GEN-050-05 Relocation Assistance050 GENERAL
GEN-050-06 Eligible Training Providers (ETP) 050 GENERAL
GEN-050-07 Data Recording and Management050 GENERAL
GEN-050-08 Individual Training Accounts (ITAs)
GEN-050-09 Sufficient Earnings / Self-sufficiency 050 GENERAL
GEN-050-10 On-the-Job Training Program (OJT)050 GENERAL
Advertised Competitive FormForms - Fiscal
Complaint Form - Revised 2021Forms - Fiscal
ETA Financial Report 9130 [Instructions]Forms - Fiscal
Fiscal Invoice Forecast [Instructions]Forms - Fiscal
Formal Bid FormForms - Fiscal
In-Demand ListAdvisory
Informal Bid FormForms - Fiscal
Quarterly Expense Report [QER-Instructions]Forms - Fiscal
Quarterly Financial Report [WC QFR-Instructions]Forms - Fiscal
Sealed Bid FormForms - Fiscal
Signature Authority ListForms - Fiscal
Sub-Recipient Quarterly Financial Report [QFR-Instructions]Forms - Fiscal
TAG 04-2021 Policy Revisions and Updates GEN-050-06 Eligible Training Providers (ETP)
TEGL 13-12 ETA - 9130 Guidance and InstructionsAdvisory
TEGL 28-10 ETA Guidance Financial ReportsAdvisory
TEGL 3-14 Attachment - AAdvisory
TEGL 3-14 Attachment - BAdvisory
TEGL 3-14 Attachment - CAdvisory
TEN 15-10 Protocol for Implementing Priority of Service for VeteransAdvisory
WC Closeout Form - InventoryForms - Fiscal
WC Closeout Form C-101Forms - Fiscal
WC Closeout Form C-102Forms - Fiscal
WC Closeout Form C-103Forms - Fiscal
WC Closeout Form C-104Forms - Fiscal