Youth Programs

The purpose of the WIOA youth program is to assist eligible in school and  out-of-school youth achieve academic and employment success year round.

Out-of-school youth under WIOA is a person between the ages of 16 and 24 who is not attending ANY school and is one or more of the following: a school dropout; a youth who is within age of compulsory school attendance in Nevada but has not attended for at least the most recent complete school year calendar quarter; a youth with a high school diploma or equivalent who is low income and is basic skills deficient or is an English language learner; an offender; a homeless, runaway or foster youth; a pregnant or parenting youth; a youth with a disability; or a low-income individual who requires additional assistance to enter or complete an educational program or to secure and hold employment.

Youth can apply with one of the service providers listed below:

  • Help of Southern Nevada (Northern Cluster and Rural Mesquite)
  • Lincoln County Workforce
  • Nye Community Coalition
  • One Stop Career Center ResCare (Laughlin NV)
  • One Stop Career Center ResCare (Central Cluster)
  • Youth Advocate Programs

The following link will provide you with contact information for each service provider:

Program Partner Contact List