General Information

As the hub for all workforce development activities in our local workforce development area, Workforce Connections is tasked with facilitating, coordinating and overseeing the partnerships that comprise the local One-Stop Delivery System.

That system revolves around our comprehensive One-Stop Career Center, which offers services Monday through Friday to help job seekers achieve gainful employment and provide business with access to a ready pool of skilled talent.

The One-Stop Delivery System Partners provide leveraged resources to the Center and offer customers a variety of services that aide them in their employment and training activities:

Core Partners

WIOA Title I, Adult, Dislocate Worker & Youth

WIOA, Title II, Adult Education and Family Literacy

WIOA, Title III, Wagner-Peyser Employment Services

WIOA, Title IV, Vocational Rehabilitation

Additional partners in the One-Stop Delivery System include: Career & Technical Education, Community Services Block Grant, Indian & Native American Programs, HUD Employment & Training Programs, Job Corps, Local Veterans Employment Rep/Disabled Veterans Outreach Program, National Farmworker Jobs Program, Senior Community Service Employment Program, TANF Employment & Training Programs, Trade Adjustment Assistance, Unemployment Compensation, and YouthBuild.

If you would like more information regarding the One-Stop Delivery System or the One-Stop Career Center, please contact Gena Craig-Maxwell with the One-Stop Delivery System Operator team, at 702.822.4229.