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STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These four competencies and skills are essential in order to be successful in an ever-changing technological world. Workforce Connections has aligned its strategies and resources to support the Governor’s Industry Sector Councils and his Economic Development Vision for the State. STEM skills will increasingly be required in occupations across all of Nevada’s Key Industry Sectors:

    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Agriculture
    • Clean Energy
    • Health and Medical Services
    • Information Technology
    • Logistics and Operations
    • Manufacturing
    • Mining and Materials
    • Tourism, Gaming and Entertainment

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Careers in STEM are attractive because:

        • STEM jobs are expected to grow at twice the rate of non-STEM jobs
        • STEM occupations have higher wages than non-STEM occupations
        • STEM careers have greater advancement opportunities than non-STEM careers
        • STEM skills will be required in the great majority of future jobs




The STEM Career Exploration Workshops offered at the One-Stop Career Center provide basic exposure to the world of STEM. The workshops are hands-on, fun and interactive career exploration sessions. They help demystify what is generally perceived to be “too technical” for the non-expert to understand and explore skill-sets and occupations across Nevada’s in-demand industry sectors.

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If you are interested in a STEM career, a One Stop System Case Manager can help you get there. The Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) includes training organizations that prepare you to obtain an industry recognized certification/credential that in turn can help you enter a STEM career.

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On the Job Training (OJT) and other Pre-Vocational services are also available through the One Stop System.


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“What’s It Mean To Be Green?” is a STEM-based career exploration program and an introduction for Youth to competencies and skill-sets necessary for careers and occupations in the green economy.

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This quiz connects your passions and dreams to the right opportunities so that you can not only do what you love, but find career success as well. Each of the 8 STEM Types is based on the real knowledge and skills you need to succeed in a variety of high-demand careers. By taking the quiz, you’ll discover your top 3 STEM Types, which will help you explore not only the occupations that best match your interests, but the resources you’ll need to pursue your dreams. So what are you waiting for?

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