Onboarding Access

Welcome to our online onboarding tool.

Use the arrows at the bottom right of your screen to navigate forward and backwards. In most cases, you will be asked a question after each slide. This is not a graded exercise and the correct answer will be immediately shown even if you answered incorrectly.

The content in this online session should take you approximately 45 minutes to complete. If you have to stop anywhere in the process, close your browser and when you log back in you can choose an option to start where you left off.

When you finish, a representative from Workforce Connections will contact you with next steps and instructions.

As the Local Workforce Development Board, Workforce Connections (WC) convenes the public workforce development system in Southern Nevada.

WC connects employers to a ready workforce through the One-Stop Delivery System, a network of One-Stop Career Centers that provide education, training and employment services to businesses and individuals.

The One-Stop Delivery System brings together seventeen federal employment and training funding streams. In addition to convening the system partners, WC directly administers one of the seventeen funding streams.

There are three distinct bodies that facilitate the functions of Workforce Connections. This onboarding tool will familiarize you with all three.

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