Nevada Partners Inc. (Pre Apprenticeship)

Primary Focus

Helping adults become economically self-sufficient through training and job placement while helping employers find competent and qualified workers.


Nevada Partners helps individuals get training and find jobs that allow them to be economically self-sufficient, use their talents and skills, and advance in their careers. An array of services is provided to eligible participants such as career counseling, industry training and job placement, as well as courses in employability, financial literacy and job readiness.

Nevada Partners also helps employers find competent and qualified workers through on-the-job training opportunities where participants gain the skills necessary for productive job performance while being paid for working.

List of Services Provided

Math for the Trades – tutoring/homework assistance

  •  The Inspired Apprentice
  • Construction Industry Overview
  • Mechanical Comprehension
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Construction Work Readiness
  •  Construction Boot Camp
  •  Green Building Concepts
  •  Successful Apprenticeship Interviewing Strategies (Mock & Video)
  •  Life Skills
  •  Health and Wellness
  •  One on One Counseling Sessions – bi-weekly
  •  Group Counseling Sessions – biweekly
  •  Adult Learning Skills

Who This is For

Adults in vulnerable workforce populations, unemployed, underemployed and recently displaced workers as well as those that would benefit from workforce re-entry services